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In addition to our core business of Executive Search, Sousou Partners Advisory Services bring significant added value to clients’ businesses. While finding ideal fits, for both clients and candidates alike, is the ultimate goal of our mandated searches, Sousou Partners also offers a unique mix of advisory services and reports tailored to our clients’ specific situations and requirements. Clients may choose to engage our services for custom reports and industry analyses independent of specific search assignments.


Sousou Partners’ extensive worldwide scope provides an unrivaled ability to analyze and report on compensation levels and trends throughout our clients’ industries and across international borders. We use the hard data we gather to help our clients offer compensation structures and/or packages most beneficial to both them and the executives they hire.


Sousou Partners offers clients the ability to locate and hire a complete management and operations team prior to beginning a particular venture anywhere in the world. It gives our clients the ability to assign all necessary key personnel directly to any start-up or new business acquisition. Our in-depth knowledge of our coverage industries around the world, together with our on-going relationships with top-tier human capital, allows us to locate successful teams already working in our clients’ core or target industries across the globe.


All industry knowledge is valuable. But research specifically tailored to a company’s specific needs is priceless. Sousou Partners understands that, when it comes to truly useful corporate research, one size does not fit all. Market Perception Reports, Competitive Landscape Analysis, and Organizational Assessments, to name just a few important areas of industry intelligence, all call for information focused on a company’s specific situation and objectives. Sousou Partners designs and produces customized research reports to provide our clients with the precise information they need in whatever areas they need it.