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In addition to traditional Executive Search efforts, Sousou Partners offers exclusive proprietary services to match top-tier talent with suitable positions. This is a unique benefit for both our candidates and our clients. Learn more about these programs by clicking on any of the links.

Executive Recruitment:


Sousou Partners recognizes that these are among the most strategic moves a company can make. By maintaining on-going relationships with top talent in the Real Estate, Hospitality and Infrastructure sectors, we are able to quickly identify leading candidates for our clients’ key positions, whether for new product areas or expanding areas of operation anywhere in the world.


Expansions, acquisitions, and other corporate decisions can often result in the need to create a highly capable team of several key people whose skills augment one another and whose personalities mesh flawlessly. Sousou Partners has extensive experience in identifying optimal fits on all levels and organically building successful teams for our clients’ new and expanded ventures around the world. By matching complementary skills and thoroughly understanding a client’s culture, we put together individual hires to ensure smoothly functioning teams from day one.

Talent Programs:


Often the best time for companies to find the right people is before they actually need them. And the best time for top-level professionals to become known by potential new employers can be before they start a formal employment search. Through our proprietary Premier Talent Program, Sousou Partners serves both audiences.

For Clients – The Premier Talent Program offers privileged access to top-tier talent before they engage us for a specific mandated search. The Program represents no more than 10 executives at a time, and provides exclusive introductions of them to participating clients.

For Candidates – The Premier Talent Program provides qualified professionals with pre-search introductions within our extensive Real Estate and Infrastructure network. In addition, it offers our candidates comprehensive career management services.


Sousou Partners recognizes the value to our clients of identifying top people early, and guiding them through the initial stages of their careers. We work closely with junior candidates in the top percentiles at their universities, graduate schools and analyst programs, and assist them with the preparation of their CVs, coach them on their interview skills, and help them navigate to the best companies for their areas of expertise and long-term goals.